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As a young girl, I fell in love with the glamour of fashion and the romance of weddings and dreamed that one day I would 'marry' those two passions. Much Ado Austin is that dream turned into reality.

I work with couples who are crushing it professionally, working up the corporate ladder or making waves in a creative space.

The tale of your love is just as unique & special as the two of you. There’s magic running throughout the story of your wedding, and it deserves to be celebrated, allowing all those milestone moments to become cherished memories. 

My goal is to capture a bit of your magic and craft an experience that is personal, thoughtful and completely cohesive.

Behind every great planner is an entire team of wedding professionals. My "right-hand" on wedding day is Kim.

She's onsite with me at nearly every wedding helping to manage more detailed aspects of the big day and generally act as my 2nd set of eyes and ears. 

In addition to being a stellar planner on weekends, Kim is a Registered Architect, cat mom & avid green-smoothie drinker. 

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I’m solutions-oriented and an innate problem solver.

I’m addicted to Cherry Coke Zero, Torchy’s Tacos & Ben & Jerry’s Fro-Yo.

I earned my accreditation as a Certified Wedding Planner (CWP) in 2018.

I STUDIED Fashion Merchandising, Marketing and Event Management IN COLLEGE.

I’ve been working in the wedding & events industry since 2007 & founded Much Ado Austin in 2014.

I GOT MARRIED IN 2017 and have 3 pups: Giovanni Benjamin Walter KingstoN &Gabriella Madelynn.


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